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The New things in College

Living through high school seemed to be tough. You had to man up and make big decisions that were to affect the rest of your life. Hard work has paid off and you are now in college. Looking back at your life, all seems great.

College for many students is sometimes too much to handle. You feel like a lost chicken who has no purpose when you first start. This seem alien and you want to leave and go back. But rest assured if you stick through this there are good things to follow. Working through college, working hard to ensure that you get a good GPA is all in a day’s work. Keeping a balance between parties and other activities is also important you need to be sure of you priorities and set out a time table accordingly.

Managing your time between education, social activities and work is a must. It all depends on what path you want to take your life onto. If you are looking to get a good degree, it is critical that you pay heed to the fact that you need to work hard on academics. It is also important that you do well in weekly quizzes and assignments. Your career will be an uphill battle if you do not do well at college. Most employers look at your GPA as a means to deduce the level of seriousness that you possess. It highly unlikely that an employer turns you down a college grad who has an outstanding GPA.

During your time at college you will meet new people and make strong affiliations. You will come across activities that are a lot of fun to you. You will be attracted towards them and try to spend much time as possible. But remember what brought you to college? You came earn that degree you had planned when you sent out the application. Work hard and make the most of your time at college.

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Finding a job while in college

Shine Bright-Tips for Employment

The ultimate goal for a graduate or to-be graduate is to secure decent employment. This article discusses the DO’s and DON’T’s of the employment world. The article aims to provide its readers an insight into what goes through an employer’s mind when they look to hire fresh grads.

The best thing to do is look for jobs that match your qualifications and skills. This can take time but depending upon your Major’s a few weeks to a couple of months is normal. It also depends upon your circumstances; how desperate are you? Still finding a job for grads should be not very difficult.

Best bet is to make a resume that stands out. It needs to focus on your skill set and degree. Employers usually do not have time to go through lengthy resumes so keep yours short. Most employers look for grads with good GPA’s so if you have a GPA that stands, rest assured you will get there. Most employers complain that fresh grads usually have a lesser threshold when it comes to waiting so it’s best that you portray that you that patience is your thing. Be polite if asked to wait longer than usual, bear in mind people with patience last at their jobs the longest.

It’s always best to do a bit of research about your prospective employer. Having knowledge about the company can help impress potential employers and can show your eagerness. Take to the internet, do a casual research and there you are with enough information to make that first good impression. This also gives you the much needed heads up about the state of affairs of the company and what to expect in an interview.

Working on your appearance is also one of the foremost things to look at. Don’t dress to fancy, keep it a mix between fashionable and formal. A better dressed candidate has a more chance of grabbing the attention of recruiters so be well dressed. Wear your best suit, best tie and best shoes. Go out there to impress. It is also imperative that you choose your words carefully when answering questions. This way the employer can assess that you have good interpersonal skills.

All of these bits and pieces put together make you a confident and this shows when you come across an employer. Have a courteous smile and a skill set that matches the requirement, rest assured you will shine and be hired soon.

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What to expect in college

College Life- What to expect

You are all set to go to college. The wait is over for you. You bid your loved ones farewell and travel to unchartered territories. As you sit through your journey, several thoughts cross your mind. Thoughts can range from what type of roommates you will have to the nearest pizza place. As you keep pondering it will become evident that the next few years will be crucial. Spending those years concentrating on studies will pay huge dividends. The first thing when you reach college is to make sure that you get a hold of an on campus counsellor so that you can get information about your courses and classes. Getting to know the ins and outs of college will help for sure. College life can be a turning point in your life so make sure that you can make the most of it.

Another major change a new student can feel is the amount of activities that he or she can indulge into. College opens up a whole new world of parties and activities that would surely look great but make you take your eyes off your real target. It’s great to have fun no doubt but it should never have preference over your main objective. Parties are a great way to socialize and blow off steam after those difficult tests that nearly fry your brain. If your college happens to be near the beach, beach parties can surely take fun to another level.

Joining societies is also something that can offer you to build bonds and do fun activities as a group. Every major college has one and many famous people be it sports, entertainment and political have been part of a fraternity or sorority. Athletics and sports is also something to look into and can also be used to keep fit. Many colleges offer sports based scholarships so it may be a good idea to pursue sports at school. Sports facilities at college are usually quite good and can be used to make a good use of time.

College life can be a great learning curve for many people. It’s an experience to be cherished no doubt. You can learn new skills, meet interesting people and enjoy at the very same time. College life is surely to be very exciting.


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